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Those who buy smart know: He who buys cheap buys TWICE! :)

Are You tired of losing money with "cheap" ("cheapest offer in the internet") bargains? When Your money is gone You may realize that a "bargain buy" is the MOST EXPENSIVE one if the item does not work, if it is not what You want or what You need. Why is it smarter to buy from us even though we are NOT the cheapest? If You are only looking for the cheapest, buy elsewhere! If You are sick of all the problems, if You want the best: THEN You should buy from us! You get assistance, You get quality, You get guaranty. But of course You can txt me 20 times, for 2 hours, get my GOOD advice, knowledge, and experience, the service on my website (which is a lot of work!) waste my time. While most of Your questions are already answered on my website. And then ask for a discount to the lowest price in the internet. And then buy elsewhere. Thank You, and "Good bye!". Am I wasting Your time? Believe me: We know most of the bad tricks in the internet. If You're looking for my good tricks: Here are the answers.

Are You looking for the extraordinary? HERE it is!

Our items are not only useful: they are FUN to use!

HAPPINESS GUARANTEE! - You happy we happy!

In stock NOW or soon (items shipped/in transit/customs): a wide variety of obd2 interfaces and adapter cables. Standard or Mini. Especially WiFi, Apple iOS bt-compatible. Standard bulb H$ 60/55, strong H4 100W. HID H7 2500 PHP, H4 in stock, HID install 500 PHP. We do HiTec surface design carbon/wood/phantasy-pattern (not only car parts: we can put Your desired motif/picture on Your phone or other items! pics below). Vehicle/item/personal GPS-tracking devices. The Accessories. You have questions/requests/wishes?

NEW in stock NOW: Toyota VCI TIS Techstream interface (Innova!) to laptop/PC. And Nissan adapter 14 pin - Mitsubishi adapter 12 pin

Toyota Innova ? No known bluetooth device anywhere.

We know our products, we searched, we checked, we tested them: We bought many bad products. Money gone. Your money will NOT be gone: We have the best products in the market. Not even ONE of our clients lost even ONE peso with our products until now. Guaranteed. Nevertheless:

Some clients request a special guarantee. So we give an additional warranty on our products. Conditions vary. Example: There should be no physical damage to the item: You destroy it means: warranty lost. For additional 9% = 135 PHP You get: 14 days money back no questions asked - 2 years proper function guaranty for the OBD2 interface. But please do not hit it with a hammer! You hammer it - we do not fix it! You don't - We do!

Since we invest a lot of work in the products and in the site so that You can operate the units easily without problems we update every other day!

We added a TT TabooTwoo SporTec presence in facebook. You are welcome to comment on our products and services there. Do the click - and even BETTER: the "like", PLEASE!

TabooTwoo TT SporTec in facebook

Some of our devices - the cams f.e., and the obd2 interfaces, of course! - are for rent, too: You make a refundable deposit of the full price, and You can have it on a daily basis. Ask!

NEW! UNIQUE spy- (safety-, security-, police-) watch in stock!

spy watch

If Napoles had used it she would have evidence enough! For more info click "Gentleman's accessories (left!)

Unique SporTec wireless race exhaust

factory sound, or: race?

uh ..... WHAT is THIS?????

This is our Unique wireless remote-control SporTec sport- / race - exhaust system, and it is UNBELIEVABLE !

Originally this is the Porsche-/Lamborghini-system,...

... but: This one fits any car, any brand!

You want it - You get it! - 76mm Promo 23.500 PHP

PLEASE use headset and turn Volume to high if You should not have a good, powerful speaker-system (otherwise You CANNOT hear it!) The sound is difficult to produce in the video. The reality is BETTER. Promised! Until now EVERYBODY, without exception, said: WOOOOW!

High quality item: Best Stainless Steel (V2A) pipe - diameter 50mm 55mm 57mm 63mm 76mm as requested, plus reliable heat resistant valve-motor! NOT china: Made in Germany! Best I know. Working two years now in my car, no problems.

... and THIS is our Unique SporTec wireless realtime obd car data display / fault code / diagnosis system for YOUR smartphone/tablet/laptop!

Your Unique SporTec  realtime car-info system

You want fault-/error-code diagnosis of Your car? Your check-engine light is "ON"? Our interfaces access the fault code storage of Your car's ECU. You get it! They give You the data, if available!


Some error-code-examples: They go from p0001 to about p3500!!! In the software we give to our customers You only have to click the code and You get the explanation of the problem!

  • P0294 Cylinder 12 Injector Circuit Low
  • P0295 Cylinder 12 Injector Circuit High
  • P0296 Cylinder 12 Contribution/Range Fault
  • P0297 Vehicle Overspeed Condition
  • P0298 Engine Oil Over Temperature Condition
  • P0299 Turbocharger/Supercharger "A" Underboost Condition
  • DTC Codes - P0300-P0399 - Ignition System or Misfire