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Some of You might have noticed that I reduced the information given here. I think this should be exclusive for my customers. Our products are competitively priced. But there are more reasons to buy from us: We permanently survey the quality of our items, so that You have less problems than with other products.

P L U S we do believe we have an advantage in knowledge and information, that our valued competitors do not have. These informations, all the tips and tricks, the important knowledge will only be passed to our clients, not to everybody in the internet any more. These infos come with the products. You get an explicit and sufficient Manual: TT SporTec Unique and EXCLUSIVE: Copyright here! Nobody else has that!

Our knowledge is Your ADVANTAGE, it saves Your money, keeps You cooler because You have less problems. We invested a lot of money, time and work in this knowledge. Our customers get it without effort, for free. Comes with the product. Nobody else does that like we do.

MORE important info at bottom!

Our experience solves Your problems! We experienced a lot of problems, but now we know how to do it. This makes it easy for You: You will not have to waste many hours of Your time to find out how to make it work well. And be assured: some of the solutions we have You cannot find, even if You search for it a very long time.

We have a choice of interfaces in stock, now.

We have a choice of adapters in stock, now.

THESE adapters for KIA 20pin in stock.

Toyota 22pin adapter in stock, now!

Toyota VCI TIS Techstream usb to standard 16pin obd2 for tablet/laptop/PC

Nissan 14 pin adapter in stock, now!

Mitsubishi 12 pin adapter : in stock, but only 1 left! You need THIS cigarette plug 12V adapter, too: 280PHP Maybe You can solder Yourself.

If You are interested in the Mazda adapter shown below text me, please. If I have 5 interests I will order these - I have to buy many. It should be good for some Nissan/Mazda/Toyota. Price will be 990PHP. Check Your dash!

You know the TV-series "Wheeler Dealers" with Mike Brewer and Edd China?

Broadcasted on National Geographic "turbo" and others. They buy cars second hand, fix them, and sell them with a loss, telling they made profit. They do not. But it's nice to see, and You get good hints.

They bought a Saab turbo convertible - I know the car, I've driven it years ago - and show how they work with the obd2-dongle - in Part 2 and Part 3. You don't have to search: I did that, and here it is, on my DVD that comes with the obd2 interfaces.

IMPORTANT: We are selling the obd- ( = on board diagnosis) dongle/transponder/connector/plug, NOT the software.

OBD2 is a worldwide standard for manufacturers. This means the standard software gives You the standard indications, like revs, coolant temperature, and so on. Plus fault-/error codes as available. Software might add phone-sensors in addition (g-meter, GPS, or more.). Every manufacturer has his own additional sensors, that will not be displayed in standard-software. That is why Torque offers additional plug-ins for Fiat, KIA, Hyundai, Toyota, Mazda. The dealers have their own, special EXPENSIVE protected hard- and software which gives more info than our products can.

Our bluetooth-interface is pretty good. So are DashCommand and Torque. But they cannot give You the complete data the dealer has with his expensive special equipment. If You want that, You have to search the market if a more expensive third-party solution can do that for You. The software-guys are permanently working on Your software to update it, to make it better.

In the USA and Europe manufacturers are forced to stick to the standard by LAW. This is NOT the case in the Philippines. That's why manufacturers are free to change the connectors in their cars. Or the software. If there should be a problem we have to find out what we can do.

The Android-plugin for KIA contains the CRDI ( = Diesel) - models! You are ok with these!

The software coming to You with the dongle for free is for information/checking/evaluation, ONLY! I understand Your interest to find out which software works fine for You BEFORE having to buy it. I do help You as much as I can!

On Your iphone/Android You download the free version and the plug-ins. You see that the phone is immediately connected to Your car properly. You then BUY "xxxx Pro", and You are fine. Price about 250PHP, or 6 US $ Android, 10 US-$ iphone. God value for the money. You can pay fifteen times as much for software just to find You hate it.

We are checking the windows software right now on an Acer/emachines and a 2003 Sony Vaio laptop. Installation was easy, we found the com-ports. There is an issue with many spoofy values: our rpm's are indicated from 200 - 8500 - while the engine is idling at 780. Indicated coolant temperature was 205 celsius, instead of correct 82 degrees! Funny. But: Not good.

We could fix the faulty values in the prg. It was strange. But now we can tell You how You're fine.

engine fault codes

WE are responsible that our dongle is ok. You are responsible for the software You use.

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